By Ginny and Kelly

In Depth: Step 3:

If you read my ‘Gin’s tips for writing a story’ then here’s a more in depth look at each step, if you wanted more detail.


  • This in essence, could be considered similar to roleplaying in the sense that you are imagining scenes betweens your characters. These do not need to be scenarios you would include in your plot, but it just helps you learn more about your characters reactions. You can just think this through in your head or try writing it down.
  • Firstly, start off with only one of your characters and put them in a certain situation which would evoke a specific emotion. For example, when confronted with fear/anxiety, what would your character do and how would they respond? Try this for lots of different emotions.
  • Now try and include aspects considered in step two in these scenarios. Imagine your character in their own personal locations with a certain emotion or event occurring and how does this affect them? Is it any different to how they would react in other places?
  • Now include multiple characters you have outlined in step one. Imagine a scenario or event occurring at which your characters would meet and how do they respond to one another? Remember to imagine yourself in one character’s point of view at a time and then swap to the other to imagine their response to this. What is their body language and how do they talk and does the emotion of the event occurring have an effect on this relationship.
  • Through this, you can then establish which characters may form friendships, enemies, or other relationships. Always remember to revert back to your own experiences or perhaps an encounter you’ve witnessed between people and the impact of this. Never set these relationships in stone though. If a new occurrence would affect the relationship in some way - re examine to see whether the characters’ reactions to one another would change.
  • There’s lots of easy development learnt in this process so take your time with it and never rush to get to the writing stage. It could help you later create possible locations you wish to include in your actual plot or even new characters. Let yourself be inspired.

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